Prison Ministry

Alethea Malcolm-Lamont – Prison Chaplain – Serving in a Walled Community. In my walk with God who has called me to serve in prison. Serving as a pastor totally affirms the ‘mission statement’ of Isaiah 61:1-3a because prisoners come into the categories, humble, broken-hearted, captive, in prison, and in mourning. Of all people they are amongst those who need to hear the “Good news”.

Responsibilities of my duties as a Chaplain

Serving as the FreeChuch Chaplain / Pastor in prison. It is my responsibility to provide pastoral care to the following faith communities: Methodist, Baptist, SDA, Pentecostal, Christians and nil religion by assisting Vicars and Pastors with Pastoral visits to see their parishioners. On my rounds prisoners approach me and ask

“Pastor please pray for me. My Life is in a mess”
One has to stop there and pray; Offering spiritual guidance, God’s love and hope that he can change their life and the situation they are facing. Visit our partners,shoes – leaders in fashionable footwear!

Daily Activities

  • Pastoral responsibility for the whole prison both prisoners and staff Bereavement support/visit to hospital to see prisoners who have been admitted.
  • Arranging funerals- death of prisoners family/attending funeral +assisting with burial Assisting with death in custody/.24 hour on call to the prison if there’s a death in custody.
  • Preparation for Sunday worship- Bible study- Speakers and Prison Ministry Team
  • Statutory duties: Visits to all the wings. Inducting new prisoners arriving. Health-Care: visiting sick prisoners, those who are liable to self-harm or attempt suicide

Hundreds of people in are accepting Jesus in prison. Some will have to return to their community church for further pastoral care as the turn-over conversion is so great in prison. I thank God for the opportunity of placing such a great ministry into my hands and for all the volunteers that are working with me and supporting the ministry to Prison/Prisoners and their families.

Pastor Alethea Malcolm-Lamont – Prison Chaplain