Our learning programmes include the Certificate in Ministerial Studies (CIMS) for all who are engaged in ministry from all Christian denominations, and three programmes specific to the New Testament Church of God ministerial licensure process to the ranks of credentialed ministry: The Calling and Ministries Studies (CAMS), The Ministerial Internship Programme (MIP), and The Continuing Ministerial Development Programme (CMDP).

Study with us

Our Certificate in Ministerial Studies (CIMS) courses are open to all who are engaged in ministry whether full-time or part-time, credentialed or lay leader, Pastor or church worker from all Christian denominations

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We offer accessible, high quality, formative and continuing learning opportunities for Pastors and key leaders keen to raise the standard of Christian leadership in the local, national and global contexts.

Biblical Courses

  • A Journey Through the Old Testament
  • A Journey Through the New Testament
  • Rightly Dividing the Word
  • Introducing Great Themes of Scripture

Pastoral Courses

  • Knowing Your Church
  • Leading With Integrity
  • Understanding Yourself and Others
  • Equipping People for Ministry
  • Learning the Practices of Ministry
  • Ministering Through Music
  • Planting and Growing Churches
  • Helping People in Crisis
  • Preaching the Word Today
  • Care and Help Ministries Inside and Outside Churches (Integral Mission)

Doctrinal Courses

  • Faith Foundations for Life and Ministry in the 21st Century
  • Living the Faith
  • Knowing the Holy Spirit
  • Christian Ethics and Practical Theology (Walking in the Truth)